Senior Associate Director, Office of Advancement, Georgetown University

"Christina is an expert on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Georgetown University Office of Advancement, along with George Washington and Smithsonian advancements shops, were fortunate enough to have a daylong training session led by Christina. Christina led about 160 participants through crucial conversations and learning about race, diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion. Not only was the session informative, but we also took away tactics to implement in our organizations. Christina’s facilitation style is wonderful and she was able to make a room of 160 people feel at ease to contribute and voice their thoughts. Working with Christina to plan the training was also very easy and painless - Christina listened carefully to our needs and wants and came up with a training that was very tailored. We look forward to working with Christina more in the coming future!"


Advancement Professional at New York University

"Each time I have the privilege to work with or connect with Christina I am inspired by her work, her dedication, and her mission. While our paths initially crossed over three years ago while I was working for an educational consulting firm and she was at the University of Washington, I knew our paths would continue to overlap. In a surprise turn of events I am now in higher education and Christina is starting a new chapter in consulting; I could not be more excited for her (or her clients) and can't wait to see her many successes."


Founding Partner, Aspen Leadership Group

"Having served in the field of advancement for 30 years, I have worked with many talented individuals with a shared commitment to strengthening not only the institutions we serve, but the profession as a whole, through expanding diversity and inclusion. Success requires intelligence, flexibility, patience, and persistence. Among these talented individuals, a few stand out, and one of those is Christina. Her work at UW is a shining example to all of us invested in advancing the work of philanthropists and the nonprofit organizations they support. Beyond UW, Christina's willingness to share what she has learned, and the humility with which she approaches anyone and everyone who can inform her work, is an inspiration. We have a long way to go in strengthening diversity and inclusion in our profession and in our society, but Christina will surely help us make both greater and more rapid progress."


Director of Development, Northwest Justice Project

“In summary: Christina is a brilliant and gifted facilitator who brings passion, joy, insight, and high leverage strategies to transformational Race Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

I have had the pleasure of working with Christina in two organizational contexts. She has been working as a consultant to Northwest Justice Project to bring synergy and strategy to an ambitious organization-wide Race Equity and Justice Initiative. From front-line staff to the CEO, we were blown away by her ability to use liberating structures and courageous conversations to bring forth and work through unacknowledged conflict and align the purpose and goals of our staff-led DEI committee.

I also serve with Christina on a volunteer committee of Advancement Northwest that is working to expand the involvement of professionals from diverse communities in leadership roles to transform the field of philanthropy. Christina’s incisive insight and ability to identify systemic leverage points has improved the effectiveness of the committee’s influence in this professional association. Recently she led the board of directors to create norms for courageous conversations about race equity.

Christina also brings her gifts and talents to her work as a co-host of A Human Workplace Seattle. As a participant in the inaugural gathering, which Christina helped design and facilitate, I experienced a deep immersion in heartfelt and authentic conversations in a community of ‘strangers’ about creating more love and less fear in the workplace.

I highly recommend Christina as a collaborative, non-nonsense partner who will meet you where you are to get your DEI work started, or take it to the next level.”